The key features

CyberPass is packed full of great features to help you in the classroom. But our guiding principles in developing CyberPass are that it is easy to use, relevant, informative and engaging.

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The CyberPASS interface

Easy to use interface

Simple and easy to use interface with all functionality accessible from the one page.

CyberPASS quiz question

Clear and relevant interactive questions

A mix of nine different types of interactive questions are used. All questions are relevant and have easy to follow instructions.

CyberPASS question feedback

Easy to understand feedback for each question

Concise and easy to understand feedback is provided for each question response.

CyberPASS interactive glossary

Interactive glossary

Interactive glossary available at all times for any technical terms that are not understood.

CyberPASS quiz review screen

Quiz review

Student quiz review where they can see each question they answered (Teachers can also access this review via the Dashboard). These review screens provide links to educational resources (all provided within CyberPass) relevant to the question - see three yellow icons at bottom right: Checklists/Videos/Activities.

CyberPASS checklists


Checklists contain each of the 86 skills required and tips to help your students achieve that skill.

CyberPASS videos

Educational videos

Videos are provided relevant to each quiz. They contain a mix of experts and young people providing advice and describing their experiences online.

CyberPASS activities

Educational activities

A range of highly interactive and engaging educational activities and games are provided relevant to each quiz.

CyberPASS progress tracker

Easy to follow progress tracker

Easy to use status page that tells your students exactly how far they are through finishing their CyberPass.

CyberPASS help and support

Help & support

Selection of links to qualified external content and information that has been catalogued against specific issues to ensure ease of access by Teachers and students.

CyberPASS parent/carer dashboard

Teacher dashboard

Teacher dashboard where you can view all students you have in your class and see their progress through each unit. By selecting a particular student, Teachers can also view each quiz attempt and which questions were answered correctly or incorrectly.

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