About Us

Roar Educate has been providing online education to Australian and UK schools and communities for over 15 years.

We work with peak educational bodies to complement our online and digital production skills in a way that makes learning engaging and fun. Whilst we take education seriously, we also think it can be enjoyable too, and we know that an engaged learner is a better learner. We are interested in the gamification of learning and using online and digital tools to trigger empathy and understanding beyond simple rote learning.

Along the way we get to work with key professionals in their field. We have co-developed CyberPass with the London Grid for Learning, a UK Trust that provides online learning to 2500 London schools and is one of UK’s peak educational bodies. In particular, LGfL’s e-Safety Board has been instrumental in the design and development of CyberPass through their commitment to safeguarding the one million pupils across London schools.