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The complete e-safety, e-security, cyberbullying and digital citizenship education tool.

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What is CyberPass?

CyberPass is an online education tool that Principals, Teachers and children can work through to learn skills and techniques on how to be safe and responsible users of online technology. It includes quizzes and a huge range of support content for Teachers and children.

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"We would only find out about a gap in e-safety knowledge once it had spilled over into the classroom or playground… with CyberPass that has all changed."

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With over 15 years developing high quality, media rich education tools for children, CyberPass was developed by educators and educational technologists from Australia and the UK.

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Frequently asked questions

Who should do CyberPass?

CyberPass is available in a range of different modules depending on the age of your child and/or their experience of the online world.

Basics - aimed at children in Grade 3 and up. If you're not sure, start here. You can always move up to Essentials.

Essentials - aimed at children in Grade 5 up or for younger children that have greater exposure to the online world. Also, a good place to start as an adult - you'll definitely learn something!

Advanced (coming soon) - for secondary students and independent users of online devices.

Can Teachers do CyberPass?

Absolutely, and it’s free for Teachers and Staff once your school has subscribed. We would hope that all Teachers and Staff would have a go at completing CyberPass as it’s a useful and fun way of getting a conversation started about your student’s online activities. You may also learn something too.

How much is CyberPass?

It’s free for Teachers and Staff once your school has subscribed.
For students it is between $5USD and $10USD depending on the number of students you enrol in CyberPass. Please use the BUY tab at the top of page to get an exact costing for your school.
Prices are for a 12 month subscription.

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