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Sample Quiz

Test your knowledge by taking the CyberPass Sample Quiz.

These 12 questions are a small sample taken from our test bank of over 300 questions across the 8 Units of CyberPass.

Good luck!


Drag the cyber-threats on the right to what they do on the left.


If your phone does not need a PIN number, what could other people see on it? You can choose more than one.


When you download a new game app, you should check that location-based services are off.


If you have changed the settings in your phone, does this change the settings for all the apps you have?


When I post a message, photo or video, what might other people (including strangers) do with my content? You can choose more than one.


Who is in charge of checking that content on the web is correct and true?


Shannon posted some inappropriate photos on Facebook when she was in high school that she later deleted. She is about to attend a job interview - should she be worried about the photos?


Advertisers get information about you by 'data mining' or 'user profiling'. This means that they track what you do online so they can give you adverts you will be most interested in. What do you think they will want to know about you? You can choose more than one.


Alex went to a party at the weekend and took a great photo on his phone. He cannot wait to post it and tag his friends, but what must he do first? Drag your answer on to the picture.


You have been called to the head's office because of a photo you posted on your private Instagram account. How did they get to see it when it was private? Put the steps in the correct order.

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